These Colors Run Deep!

View of first campus

Fenwick's first campus, Old South

When Principal Blane Collison approved my request to formally launch our legacy and estate planning program this year at Fenwick, I had no idea of the emotional and passionate responses we would receive from alumni and friends. Our first mailing sparked a return of friends from previous days who wanted to learn more about this plan, and how they could become a part of the Fenwick Legacy Society. In my follow up to these individuals, I listened as they told stories about their days at Fenwick. About how their experience at Fenwick, and the community of Fenwick, extended their family and became a constant in their lives. Let me share a few of these stories with you.

One such response came from Martha Ullum Waldenburger, Fenwick Class of 1958. Martha spoke of how Fenwick influenced her and instilled in her the values for her lifetime. She spoke of the leadership of Fr. Krusling. It was his presence that assisted her in maintaining her faith while challenged with a tough upbringing as the second oldest of 16 children. She mentioned the strength and power prayers gave her and how impactful the church was in getting her through those days. Martha continued to say that she wants to make sure Fenwick keeps going! To that end, she has included Fenwick in her estate plan.

1986 basketball team

Patrick Durcan '86, back row, third from left

A second interaction came from the Durcan family. Mr. James Durcan Sr. passed away in September 2017. In speaking to his daughter-in-law Tami, wife of Patrick Durcan, Fenwick Class of 1986, she stated that it was the desire of her father-in-law to remember Fenwick in his estate. Recently, Fenwick received a distribution from his estate to assist in addressing the priorities of Fenwick. When I asked what made Mr. Durcan remember Fenwick, Tami stated, "It was not only his son's alma mater, it was a special place for him as a parent coming to campus and watching basketball games. Seeing the Falcons and feeling the energy of all the students cheering on the team assured him that he and his sons were in the right place."

School leadership, faculty, coaches, school friends; you often never know who or what will influence someone to want to remember Fenwick with a final gift. Whether you attended school 60-plus years ago or watched your kids become forever Falcons, the impact Fenwick continues to make in the lives of people still runs strong today.

I'm hopeful you have a chance today to look at how Fenwick has been a strong, faith-filled influence in your life and how you can perpetuate this for the future. I am happy to reach out and tell you more about all the remarkable things continuing at Fenwick.

God Bless and Go Falcons,
Mike Raiff

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